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ManUp Iowa Mentoring Program Demographics/Data:
(May to October of 2014)

• Total youth served: 56

• Time frames: May 15th, 2014 through November 1st, 2014
• Target population: At risk male youth ages (9-17)
• Unsuccessful youth: 6
• Successful youth: 50 *Youth who were successful showed a 70-80% consistency rate
• Success rate: 89%

1. Ethnicities Served and Socio-Economic Status:
• African American: 30, Caucasian: 21, Latino: 4, Pacific Islander: 1
• Minority youth served: 62.5%
• Socio-Economic Status: 95% of youth served were of low socio-economic status

2. DHS: Youth whose families are DHS involved or who had been in previous 12 months: 16
• 16 program participants met this criteria= 28% (of total youth served)
• (8 African American youth + 8 Caucasian youth)

3. Foster Care and Relative Placement: Youth in foster care or relative placement: 11
• 11 program participants met this criteria= 19% (of total youth served)
• (7 Caucasian youth + 4 African American youth)

4. Juvenile Court: Youth involved with the Juvenile Court for delinquency matters: 11
• 11 program participants met this criteria=19% (of total youth served)
• *Currently involved or who had been in previous 12 months (8 African American + 3 Caucasian)

Fourth ManUp location secured at King Elementary

During the middle of September, the ManUp Iowa team alongside the King Elementary team agreed to launch its first ever ManUp program for an Elementary school. With the transition to working with younger male youth, we hope to be able to show that serving these youth with multiple preventative services at an even early age can help them avoid potential barriers that life will inevitably throw at them.

She’sUp Iowa launching at Hiatt Middle School

The long awaited sister program to ManUp has found its first home at Hiatt Middle School. It will launch sometime in late fall and is currently accepting referrals.

ManUp launches: “The Empowerment Project”

On September 26th, ManUp launched its newest service entitled; “The Empowerment Project.” The project is designed to target some of the most under-served and under-privileged young men that may be more highly at risk and not currently accessible for active ManUp programming. It will be operated by a team of culturally diverse speakers (African American, Caucasian and Latino) who all have extremely powerful personal stories. The project will promote a positive message of hope and leadership which will aid in good decision making for youth. The message focus will be on taking personal responsibility and making the most of your personal circumstances so that participants can rewrite their stories. Please see the page on this site designated to this project for more details.

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