• Mission Statement: “Empowering young men to make positive life choices so that they may go on to live healthy and successful lives at home, at school and in the community.”
  • Philosophy: ManUp Iowa is committed to serving a diverse population of Iowa’s Youth through the use of innovative strategies based in prevention. The organizations core belief system revolves around the ethical understanding that every human being deserves both second chances and opportunities to thrive so they may go on to live prosperous and successful lives, especially our children.

  • Question: Why are Programs like the ManUp Mentoring Program needed in Iowa and the U.S.?
  • Answer: Manhood in America is in Deep Crisis, the facts below are statistically accurate from a credible source

  • Fatherhood: Since 1960, the rate of U.S. boys without fathers has quadrupled – Estimated that 24.7 million children in the U.S are fatherless
  • Consequences: 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes – 85% of youth in prison are fatherless
  • Prison: Prison rates have quadrupled since 1975 – 5% of the entire male population has been or is currently in prison COSTING TAX PAYERS: $75 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR

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