– Ben, ManUp mentee, April 2015.

– Kobie, ManUp mentee, June 2016.

– Caine, ManUp mentee, April 2016.

Success Stories/Testimonials:

I can honestly say that ManUp Iowa Mentoring Program has saved our lives. Jontavious has been to 4 different placements not including aftercare. When he left treatment this very last time on October 25th of 2016 he had been in placement the last four to five years. This is the first year he has been home for a complete year. Over the years due to trauma and other events, Jontavious has been very bitter, very very angry and is a damaged kid and sometimes his anger creeps up. I can’t count the many times I have contacted Zach the Director of the Program to have a conversation with Jontavious about what is bothering him. I feel as if the Program has become a big brother to him. He respects the men running it, he respects the kids in it and has more respect for himself as a young man. This is a kid who was able to maintain a job at the fair this year who I never thought that would even be possible for us. He has been able to maintain himself in school when just two years ago school was horrible. I was at the school to pick him up pretty much every day and even the school has complimented him on how well he has been able to maintain himself recently. I can’t thank ManUp enough and everyone who has made this possible. The judge, the courts and the people sponsoring the ManUp Program. Its been a great influence on m grandson. He has maintained himself to be off probation and his DHS case is closed. I feel like he is going to make it in this world. Everyone who was a part of our team.. I thank you all!
Antoinette M., adoptive grandmother of a ManUp Mentee, January 15th, 2018.

The ManUp Iowa Mentoring Program that I have signed my boys up with is a great positive male role model Program. Especially for boys growing up without a positive male figure in their homes or lives. Since Dylan and Connor have been attending this program, they have both been more helpful and respectful towards myself as well as at school. They are working on coping skills in a much more positive way and the “normal” sibling fighting that used to occur on a daily basis has now decreased greatly. The stress level at home has also decreased and has been more pleasant to come home to. I am forever thankful for this Program. Our home went from a hostile chaotic day to day situation to a more relaxed respectful and clean home where all the kids are working together helping each other and not just as needed. They will also ask to see if anyone needs help with a task or even homework!
Wendy L., mother of a ManUp Mentee, January 14th, 2018.

I am very grateful to the Man-up program, for providing my son with positive male role models. As a single mom, I am trying to teach my son how to be a respectful young man. Zach and the other mentors help me to do this by demonstrating to him, what that looks like. Brody enjoys the time he spends at Man-up and is excited to tell me what he’s learning each week. He respects what these men are teaching him, and it is beginning to show in his behavior. I want to say thank you to everyone in the program for making a difference in my son’s life, and for giving him the priceless gift of their time. – Kiersten, mother of a ManUp Mentee, February 2015.

Man up, a term so casually thrown about. Then, there are the young men that really need to have a better understanding of such an analogy. I’m grateful to have a program such as Man-Up to aid me in sanding the sometimes rough edges of my son. The lessons may not always hit home right away, sometimes it reinforces a lesson I have already schooled on. Other times it helps to make sense of why a certain outcome came to be. Then there are the lessons that others around them are learning and the struggles of others make a child realize this doesn’t have to be me, and perhaps the grass isn’t always greener on the drought stricken side. Man-up provides a gathering of trustworthy male role models and counselors help to break down the paradigm of becoming a young man with ethics, morals and values in a society where so many little boys never truly have a consistent, positive role model to look up to. A place to help water the seeds that have been planted, and to be there when sometimes mom just isn’t enough. – Alyssa, mother of a ManUp Mentee, February 2015.

I’m glad my friend pointed me to the program because it’s honestly been such a great experience for me as well as the kids we’re able to help. I’m excited to be a part of a change that is truly helping kids turn into men. I appreciate all the hard work that’s been done up to this point to make it a great experience for the mentees and mentors. – Zach Clarey, past mentor, February 2015.

My name is Krysta. I’ve known Zach Smith since February of 2012 which is before Zach became theacting Director of the ManUp Iowa program. He helped enroll my son Jaramiah in his program fromthe beginning. My son was very broken in the beginning because he had no male role models, no one to look up to and he found hope in ManUp. He looks forward to going to group now. He leads other kids now and he is no longer broken. Zach “his team” including Mike his counselor has given me my son back. Words cant express my gratitude to all of them. Thank you to all of the ManUp team. – Krysta, mother of a ManUp Mentee, August 2014.